People say…

Asel Sydykova

What can I say?Ljudmila is one of the most creative and talented photo artists I had ever met! She brings live into the photograph, she creates a whole story behind it and makes that special moment truly memorable. That is a true art and it takes a big talent like what Ljudmila has! Thank you so much for all those fantastic pictures and captured moments that will be kept forever in my heart and on that pictures that you took! Thanks a LOT! Love, Asel Sydykova

Asel Sydykova - CEO Global Business Forum, London

Tarvo Tobby

Ljudmilla loves what she is doing. She is inspired by it and I loved her 100 percent devotion to the whole process. I was carried through it with ease because her exceptional focus to the details. I’m very pleased with her service and I encourage everybody who wants not only best pictures on the market but also an experience through the photo shoot what comes from the heart!

Tarvo Tobby - Author and coach

Kristina Orlova

In my mind, Ljudmilla has the most unexpected set of skills and she is also one of the most creative people I know being good at everything from fashion/makeup/jewelry to multimedia. It is a good thing she knows exactly how to keep these separated or combined – whatever needed at any given moment. At the same time with all of this I love it how she is always searching for ways to develop her mind, body and thinking. Ljudmilla will not be stopped before reaching perfect harmony! 🙂 Last but not least – she is a good friend and just an excellent person to be around and inspired by.”

Kristina Orlova - Pilates teacher,

Kairi Kits

Ljudmilla is a woman who knows her passion. You can easily understand it if you see her eyes shining and flow of creativity she is in, which is so big, that you will feel it as well. Exactly as it happened in our photo session. She not only thinks about current moment but also few steps forward, if you need pictures for advertising or other purposes, she will guide you and help to bring the right emotion out. Ljudmilla is a photographer, who can recommend to their friends and acquaintances because she will play full out for the shoot to 100% succeed!

Kairi Kits - Santtey OÜ owner,

Jaana Saar

The way Ljudmilla communicates with the camera and people is just wonderful! I felt secure and forgot about other things around me. It was a great and warm experience. The passion she shows is a motivator for me!

Jaana Saar - Santtey OÜ owner,

Kadri Kaljumets

Ljudmilla puts her soul in every photo she takes. Passion is a key to extraordinary. She is professional and fun to work with.

Kadri Kaljumets - Owner at Edu Akadeemia,

Eric Edmeades

Ljudmilla takes photos that capture the spirit and soul of the event. Not only does she make the speaker seen, but participants of the event as well. She has the uncanny ability to capture magic moments and fun. Ljudmilla flows with the event, remaining unnoticeable and part of the event. She is very professional to work with. I recommend her for both event photos and portraits.

Eric Edmeades - Business and speaking coach, international speaker, entrepreneur.

Getter Orusalu

Ljudmilla is the girl who’s talented, positive and beautiful. She decided to follow her dreams and become a photographer. Thank’s to her self-confident and purposeful mind she’s done super hard work to raise her standards and become a really great photographer. Her shots are amazing and she has a special eye for seeing people and situations in a way nobody else does. And this is something that can’t be learned. It’s given by birth. Ljudmilla has that and that’s why she is a magnificent photographer!


Getter Orusalu - Copywriter,

Roland Tokko

Ljudmilla is passionate about photography and that is something you can feel when you take a look at the photos she has taken. Another thing she is absolutely keen on is developing herself and her skills. It’s absolutely remarkable how we can see her photos getting better and better with every seminar she’s taking pictures of.

Roland Tokko - Founder, owner at Edu Akadeemia, Entrepreneur,

Kert Loide

I am a hobby photographer I met Ljudmillat a seminar where we both took pictures of the event.
After a brief conversation, and looking at how she works and loves photo shooting I realized that she is the person who is doing his thing with the soul and pleasure.
I thought that i will test her one of my events, and when I saw shes work ,I realized that we have found our self an excellent photographer, and from this moment, I love to work with her.
I recommend Ljudmilla for all who wish to obtain excellent results, I can assure that you will not regret it.

Kert Loide - Entrepreneur